I’m Sugar, a professional thai cooking teacher & chef, and this is my online kitchen!

As some of my students already know, I quit my fantastic teaching job in Ko Lanta so I could live with my husband in Norway. You told me I would be back because I could never quit something I love so much, and you know what? You were right – now Sugar is teaching in Oslo!

I’ve started teaching winter frozen norwegians how to make fantastic hot and spicy thai dishes, so now you don’t have to travel half the planet to learn real, healthy, professional and very tasty thai cooking – you can just come to see me! I’ll let you in on the secrets – where in Oslo you get all those magic ingredients, how they’re used and prepared, and most important, how YOU can make them into the most impressive dishes imagined!

Sugar in Holland

As I just moved to Norway my Norwegian isn’t very good, so for now I mostly write and speak English. Luckily you norwegians are very clever and well educated, and if your English isn’t perfect, you will be happy to know that I cheat – I had a lot help writing this!

Please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments you have – Norsk, Svensk, English or Thai – and please don’t think your question is too easy or basic, or that your language isn’t good enough. Nobody is born professional, we are all here to learn!

Hope to hear from you soon,

XXX from Wanlapa “Sugar” Boonlert

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